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Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Death penalty Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Describe a recent Gallup poll.
A Gallup poll that sparked my curiosity was “Who’s in favor of the death penalty”? With all the shootings and other violent crimes that are going on in the US today, it is interesting to see how people feel about the punishment for these violent crimes. This poll has been around since 1936 and over the years this poll has faded away slowly. The last official poll was done in 2009 and it did not even have enough responses to even be an actual poll. Therefore the most recent one before this was in 2004 and they surveyed a total of 6,498 national adults aged 18 and over. Be sure to include the results of the poll,

Within this poll there were several categories that were evaluated. They were: * Politics and Capital Punishment -
* Men VS Women-
* Support by Gender-
* Support by Race-
* Support by Age-
* Support by Religious Preference-
* Support by Practicing/Non –Practicing Protestants-

How the poll was conducted, and what the results will be used for. This Poll was done based on telephone interviews. These polls were conducted 3 times a year in 3-day increments. The results of the poll will be used to just get an opinionated outlook on what people think. Actual results may be used for credentialing for certain supporting organizations

************************************************************************************* Describe a recent study where data was gathered.

If possible, explain whether it is a qualitative or quantitative data and whether the data is discrete or continuous.

What type of graph would you use to describe the data and why?
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