Gallipoli War- Empathy Letter

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Dear mother and father,

There were about 12000 troops from the australian and new zealand corps “ the Anzacs” that were preparing for the war at Gallipoli. Our plan was to land on Gallipoli Peninsula in turkey, drive the turkish enemy back, capture the peninsula, then team up with the british and french to take the capital Constanople. Nearly 200 vessels assembled in the largest invasion force i’ve ever seen. During our journey i knew we were doomed to failure! Turks saw us coming and were ready with their machine guns. Not only that, We had landed on the wrong beach, not a large, flat beach but steep cliffs and rugged hills 1km and a half north from where we have meant to be landed, Gaba Tepe on the 25th of April. When getting toad ashore we had to jump into the freezing water that was up to our chests because the ships couldn’t get any further. Out of no where a hail of bullets from the turkish snipers came rushing down from the top of the cliffs causing many anzacs to drown trying to dodge the enemy bullets also being trodden on by other desperate soldiers.

The living conditions was no luxury. We had to dig, dig and dig for safety, dugouts were 3 feet deep and trenches were very crowded, we had no clean water for showers or washing clothes so we had to bath ourselves in the beach being very cautious with turks firing their guns. Throughout the many bloody battles during the gallipoli war, there were large amounts of men laying everywhere which made it difficult for us to sleep to due their dreadful stench. Food wasn’t that appetizing aswell. We got fed biscuits, cheese, half a pine of tea a day and petrol tins of water. No wonder we growled and used bad language.

As season’s changed, it grew colder and colder. The most coldest and terrifying winter we’ve ever experienced. Rain filled the trenches with water and mud, we were constantly standing in dirty muddy water. We hated the army for not supplying us with timber and iron for shelter and warm...
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