Gallipoli Music Essay

Topics: Music genre, Jean Michel Jarre, Music genres Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: September 14, 2010
Gallipoli is an Australian film created in 1981; it is based on the events that occurred during the war many Australians fought in. It was created to demonstrate to everyone the truly horrific incidents that happened in the war. The music choice was an important section in the films creation, the director has put in place certain genres and styles of music to suit and set the scene for the film. The three main styles and types of music being discussed are, ‘Oxygene’, ‘Adagio in G minor’ and the ‘Carnival songs’. The director has placed these songs in certain sections of the film to help set a mood, and create a certain feel about the scene which results in an effect on the viewers.

Oxygene was played during the running sequences in Gallipoli, because it is a fast style of music. ‘Oxygene’ is the French word for oxygen; it is an album of instrumental electronic music composed by a French man by the name of, Jean Michel Jarre. This electronic genre of music is put into place in three of the running scenes in Gallipoli. ‘Oxygene’ is heard throughout running scenes in Gallipoli, such as Archy and Frank’s race to the pyramid in Egypt. The director has used the electronic genre of music ‘Oxygene’ in this certain running scene, as Archy and Frank are racing to the pyramid with great speed, and ‘Oxygene’ is fast paced style of music full of energy, thus working well with the scene. Another running sequence where ‘Oxygene’ is played is Frank’s race again time, and saving men from death, including his friend Archy. Frank was the runner for the army, running back and forth taking orders from a hierarchy to the soldiers and Major Barton, the director has placed oxygene during the scene where Frank is running against time back to Major Barton to inform him not to send the soldiers over the trench’s to their death. ‘Oxygene’ is an energetic style of music, this is why it was played during Frank’s race to save lives, it creates a feeling of suspense, and sets a mood.

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