Gallery Critique

Topics: Art, Color, Complementary color Pages: 5 (1961 words) Published: March 18, 2011
First of all I can’t say enough about how art is the best and most addicting narcotic. People say there is no such thing as love at first sight, but I think it is because they have not seen the next five pieces of art that I am about to critique. When you are standing in front of a piece grasping your hand over your heart to calm it from rapture, your breath stops cold in your chest as though all the air is sucked out of the room and the only thing you can breath at that moment is pure beauty, you have fallen in love at first sight. There is no better high than this excluding the act of creating it from your own fingertips. This love is unexplainable. In this paper I will do my best to dissect the components that make art this powerful.

The first piece I want to talk about is shown at Angel Alley, a local clothing and art boutique. The atmosphere alone in this shop is amazing. From its’ collection of art to funky local clothing and carefully picked items to lavish yourself with. It sets the mood to see the art in its true element. It almost seems to be among friends. This first piece is by Laila Cola, a local artist. Its media I’m guessing is oil on canvas. Its size is two feet nine inches by four feet. The first thing that attracted me to this piece was the colors. They’re extremely intense croma and complimentary to each other (blue and orange, black and white). So the relationship between the background and the object stands out and also creates an after image if one looks away for a second. The image itself is a personal favorite of mine as well as many others. It is the human body. It almost seems androgynous but the slenderness of the arms suggests that it is female. Although only her torso is showing, the angle of her shoulders illustrate that she is standing contropposto. The artist did a remarkable job of showing gravity and movement. She did this through the use of different ranges of values which created shadows in the muscles portraying them aroused and relaxed. Also the contour of the body is very relaxed showing the weight of her bodies movement. Her arm lay relaxed on her head with her fingertip gently tracing her shoulder blade. Her hand is in strong contrast with the figure which is realistic and also a different color making this painting very unique. The hand is in various shades of blue wich is the torsos complimentary color (orange). Though the whole painting is done alla prima, the hand is shown more abstract. This is more apparent because the brush strokes were executed more freely than the torso which is very realistic. The hand is Her head leaned forward and down submerges into the dark background showing distance in the dark shadows. The background is amazing and keeps your interest with the array of different textures and techniques. To the right the paint lies imposto and is in high gloss. The paint was probably mixed with linseed oil. Laying thick on the canvas the artist took the liberty to scratch away “scribe” some of the paint creating texture with circular scribbles which reveal the dark blue paint underneath in some places. The colors used on this side of the canvas are light pastels in orange and blue. In contrast with the left side of the painting which is made up of dark shades of blue with the exception of its upper left hand corner. This corner is baby blue allowing your eyes to reference to the opposite lower corner which guides your eyes to move across the canvas. The paint is laid down thin and matted in contrast with the other side. There is visual texture created by thinly layered values in paint.. The only risen texture on this side of the canvas I think is symbolic of energy shooting from the hand. It is baby blue and is splattered. This asymmetrical surrealistic piece gives justice to the name of modern art and would love to see it everyday of my life if it wasn’t already sold and far beyond my price range. It’s content is basically within its form which is visually...
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