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Galileo Galilie
Galileo Galilie, a talented scientist, musician, and painter. However he is best known for his work in astronomy and physics. He made many discoveries that, without knowing, our world would be totally different, for example he figured out that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe. In his life of 77 years he made many other discoveries and had many obstacles to overcome.

Galileo Galilie was born to Vincenzio Galilie and Giulia delgi Ammannati on February 15, 1564 near Pisa, Italy. When Galileo was eight his father moved the family to Florence to become a wool trader because his musical career hadn’t been working out. However he still taught Galileo to play the lute. Galileo also did some painting, but being such a smart young boy, he was constantly building mechanical toys to play with. Vincenzio decided that instead of having his son one day become his apprentice, which was common in the High Renaissance, he sent Galileo to school at the age of 10.

Galileo attended a school in the monastery of Santa Maria Vallombrosa, where he was taught by monks. There he studied Latin, Greek, Logic, and Religion. He was taught in a neoaristotelian manner, reading and learning from books written by St. Thomas Aquinas, who lived in the 13th century. In this time all of Aristotle’s theories were backed up by the Catholic Church, and to go against them was foolish.

At the age of 17 Galileo chose to become a monk, but his father insisted that he become a doctor and sent him to the University of Pisa. However he soon became bored with his study of medicine and changed his focus to mathematics. During his first year at the University he already made his first discovery; while at church he noticed that one of the lamps that hung from the ceiling by a long cord was swaying at a regular pace. (He timed it using his own pulse) He rushed home after mass to test his observation. He found that no matter how heavy the pendulum was it made no difference how long...
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