Galaxy S2 vs Iphone S4 Who's the Best?

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  • Published : February 18, 2012
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The technology world has enabled all of us the luxury of having the latest and fastest abled new products imaginable. I have chosen to evaluate two of the more popular, and expensive products out there competing for your attention. In the red coroner standing at a super slim 8.5mm is the Android phone Galaxy S2, vs. the supercharged Apple that fell out of the tree iPhone 4s weighting in at a heftier 9.3mm in the blue corner. Ding, let’s get it on!!! I’m pretty sure we have all heard the saying, “Bigger is better" well, in this case it may be true; the GS2 has a whopping 4 inch Gorilla plated display only a mother could love. The adorable 3.5 inch the iPhone 4s has to offer has the better display in color and manageability. This round is a draw, size over appearance is always a personal preference. Ding!! Round two gives a chance to see whats under the hood. The GS2 Samsung Exynos 1.2GHz or Snapdragon Qualcamm 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is no slouch, and has more than sufficient power to do all that is needed and make it feel effortless. Speed kills, but you die with a smile in this case! The iPhone 4s is fired by a dual core A5 chip, which also has dual core graphics capabilities, that’s a x2 times faster CPU than the original iPhone 4. This round ends in a draw again but a few more punches were landed by the iPhone 4s. Round three will be the final and resolving round. This is a barn burner; there are a lot of close run categories here and some small victories that perhaps don’t quite matter as much as others. The conclusion comes down to your preference overall. Both of these outstanding products will be on top of the heap for at least a few weeks. The real winners are all of us who inspire the companies to compete for our business.
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