Topics: Goat, Man, Isis Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The procession was arriving. In front of the procession were running many girls, who were carrying flowers in baskets. The girls were giving glowers to the spectators and were scattering them on the street. Behind the crowd of girls, trumpeters and boys were advancing. The boys were singing sweet songs. The trumpeters were blowing their trumpets. We, who could see the procession clearly, applauded continually. The two young men, however, whom Galatea had moved out of their place, could hardly see the procession. Helena: Look at those roses, which the women are scattering on the street! I have never seen roses prettier than those. (I got a little confused on the last sentence and this is the best I could do) First young man: I cannot see the procession. But look at that girl! I have rarely seen a girl more beautiful than her. Galatea: Helena! Come here! Stand near me! Aristo! Why don’t you supervise your daughter in such a big crowd? (Suddenly all the trumpeters started blowing loudly on their trumpets.) Galatea: O miserable me! O my head! Listen to those trumpeters! Listen to that sound! How harsh the sound of trumpets are! Second Young man: I can hardly hear the trumpeters. How harsh the voices of Greek women are! (Behind the crowd of boys and trumpeters comes the goddess herself. Four priests were carrying the image of the goddess on their shoulders.) Galatea: Look at that yellow dress! That dress is very pretty, also very expensive. Oh dear! All my dresses are cheap, because my husband is a miser. (Suddenly the young men, who could not see the image, pushed Galatea. By chance, one young man stepped on the foot of Galatea.) Galatea: O rude young man! Don’t annoy me! It isn’t right to push a lady. You aren’t a wild animal, are you? Helena: Mother! This young man hurt you accidentally. The spectators are pushing us, because they want to see the procession. Galatea: Helena. Do not defend that young man! He is very...
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