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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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“Whatever happened to the Egyptians” is a rhetorical question that everyone asks nowadays. Doctor Galal Amin is an Egyptian economist and commentator whose one of his most famous book is “whatever happened to the Egyptians” that was published in 2000. This book discusses the changes in the Egyptian society from 1950 till now in some aspects like the westernization, the migration, the weddings and many other things. This essay is going to focus on two main aspects that have been changed a lot especially after the Egyptian revolution in 1952, which are the migration and the position of women. Gamil Amin in the sixth chapter focuses on the position of women in the Egyptian society, by comparing his mother’s life to his daughter’s, he tries to emphasize the emancipation of Egyptian women in the last half-century. In fact, at the time of his mother, women spent most of the times in kitchens, cooking for their husbands. Therefore, they depended on their husbands in everything. Women were, hence considered weak and incapable of any independence. Consequently, women started to believe that they are weak and that they cannot live without their husbands. They lacked confidence. Their only aim in life was to keep their husbands satisfied by cooking for them and giving birth to boys. Marital relationships were, thus, some kind of business or an exchange: men gave money to women in exchange of food and boys to carry their names. However, today, the time of Galal Amin’s daughter, the position of women has relatively changed. The author tends to explain this change from an economic point of view: continuous inflation has led to the necessity of the increase in the house income, forcing, therefore, women to get out of their kitchens to work and get a salary. Women became relatively independent from their husbands. Amin describes his daughter’s busy life showing how she manages her career, her husband, her son, her house, her studies and...
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