Gajanand Masala

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gajanand massala

1. Introduction about industry

Our mother and grandmother were generally making think paste from different spices in stone paste mortar with water and the paste was used in preparation of vegetable and other food item to give special flavors but now the life has become vary fast families have become fragmented and housewives have no time even for cooking due to socio economic resins they are becoming lab our conscious and time saver and adoptable for ready to use articles and ingredients spices which is supposed to be added in every preparation in morning hours for good taste and flavors the ground spices have a vary important role in saving time and lab our during cooking hours.

The commercial enterprise could realize the problem of housewives in resign the spice and started producing ground spice; they made available different common ground spice in appropriate pack at reasonable rates affordable to the common house ladies for ready to use them in preparation of various kitchen palatable food item.

Today time has been changed so all person readymade material for the entire place. There for demand of the readymade is increasing now. So fulfill of that demand of readymade masala today there are Lots Company in the market like. Ramdev, Gajanand, badshah, MDH, swad, Wonder etc. there is large competition between these companies. These companies give different type of masala, Spices, Instant mix, hing, Garam masala, papad and some thing also.

There for today of many company of the readymade masala and there are providing masala to the market and society today its demand is increase, before few period women made masala by their own hands but, today the scenario has been change and all are demanded readymade masala . Ramdev, badshah, MDH, are oldest one masala’s company but today in the market so many readymade masala’s company. But all of them One company is festally growing who providing better quality of product at a comfortable price and good awareness and availability in the market.

1.2 Introduction about the Company

GAJANAND FOODS PVT LTD. Ahmedabad was founded and established by Shree Natavarbhai K. Patel in the year 1982. at GAJANAND FOODS PVT LTD; we explored many avenues of business and finally identified these spices as the subject of our business. Frankly we also could not elude the sense of blend of flavors, aroma, and taste.

India, the only land of spices, is being remembered by the worlds most of the countries, for the various spices, combination of spices and Indian foods. Since many countries India has remained center of attraction due to only exotic masala’s.

If you look in the history, Britishers were fond of our spices and spices product and they brought the product with them. Not only britisher but we were also exporting our spices to many countries in past. At present many of our NRI people bring masala’s with them and masala are being exported all over the world.

Many countries are behind our natural foods like Haldi to make their registered product, from that one can understand that what the important of our spices and masalas.

We at GAJANAND FOODS, Ahmedabad started a small unit in 1983 and since than we tried to maintained quality in our entire product. At present our company has grown all most five times than we started with, that is only due to our quality, proper customer care and our effort to reach the smallest customers in our city ahmedabad, our state Gujarat, our country India and now in universe.

Our aim to reach million of kitchens can be achieved through customers love, trust and proper feedback for our products.

Gujarat being the global leader is renewed for its ecstatic spices. Each of innumerable spices possesses a unique taste and distinctive flavor. To play a more a mystique role I the authentic taste of Indian, and Chinese. GAJANAND FOODS PVT LTD. Ahmedabad went...
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