Gaining Power Through Effective Communication in Organization

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BA Business Management (Partner Institutions)
Contemporary Issues in Management
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1. Introduction2
2. concepts of communication and power2
2.1 Communication definition2
2.2 Power definition3
3. communication functions3
4. Communication process and channels4
4.1 Communication process 4
4.2 Communication channels 5
5. communication barriers6
6. Polyphony7
7. power characteristics and relationship between commnucation & power8
8. case study8
9. conclusion9
10. references10


Nowadays, in any organization, human resource is not a normal resource as others such as material, finance, etc… like what already existed in the past organization perspective. The more development of society it is, the more value of human being is defined. Knowledge more and more creates valued material. This trend leads to the higher level of managing human resource requirement, especially of the top managers. To run the business smoothly, sensemaking must be existed. So how do managers can make sense their employees? Communication is the core factor! By generating effective communication skills, managers can lift their power to higher level. This essay will point out the strong relationship between communication and power and how to gaining power by using well communication factors after analyzing the core of communication and power. Furthermore, the case study at the last part of the essay will also clearly draw and illustrate this relationship. Concepts of Communication and Power

Communication Definition

Before go to further aspects of this topic, the definitions of communication and power should be discussed firstly. Communication always existed in every individual, team and entrepreneur. According to Dale Carnegie (Carnegie, cited by Clegg 2004), communication is the process of exchanging the ideas, thinking and any information with different meanings through many ways like using words, email as well as gestures or signs, etc… Everyone has their own thinking, ideas, and sometimes they want to share to others. The process of sharing those thinking and ideas above are considered as communication, but the way each individual sharing idea might different. Someone will talk face to face (verbal language) with each others, but other ones are willing to use their body movements (non-verbal language) to describe what they want to say. It depends on particular situation. However, even the information sender uses whatever channels to transfer; it must be understood by the receiver. Otherwise, the communication becomes meaningless. In the same regard, Robbins and Judge (2009) also clarify communication as the transfer and understanding of meanings. It one more time strongly emphasizes the indispensable of meaning in the communication. Power Definition

Another key point of this essay is power. Many people just define power as B must do what A requires. But in my opinion, in term of human being management, A really has positive power when B volunteer does what A asked, and B is influenced by A. It is claimed that power is the prospect of a person to realize her own will in a social action, even against the resistance of others; and power can be far more positive and less mechanical when it shapes and frames what others want to do (Robbins, Judge, 2009). Communication Functions

The definitions of communication above already a little bit disclosed the reasons why organization needs to maintain effective communication. To gain power, the business must maintain effective communication first. How to do so is the core question that link to needed answer, and the manager firstly should understand clearly communication functions. Generally, there are four main functions which are control, motivation, emotional expression and information that communication brings to the organization....
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