Gainful Employment

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The Art Institutes (Ai) is a for profit educational institutions for career preparation in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Game Art & Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Interactive Media, Interior Design, Media Arts & Animation, Fashion & Retail Management, and Fashion Design the tuition and fees for these programs are approximately between fifty six to hundred thousand dollars. The Art Institutes awards, bachelor's degrees and associate's degrees. Art Institute is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and is a division of Education Management Corporation (EDMC). Product Description

Career Services Department at the Ai helps students to get a strong start toward their career by providing them with personal services—everything from résumé writing to connecting them with employers who are looking for someone with their skills and talent. Career Services Departments contribute to graduate employment. This includes helping students get part-time jobs while in school, internships later in the educational process, and industry positions upon graduation. Besides helping students get connected with appropriate jobs at great companies, the Career Services Department invites employers to come speak to groups of students, hosts many professional organizations on campus, and visits employers to discuss how our students' and graduates' skills can best be used by their organizations. Objectives

The objective is to assist students in securing gainful employment, ideally within 6 months of graduation. Finding gainful employment for graduates is critical to Ai’s marketing and essential to its success. With the unemployment rate at 12.6%, according to Bureau of Labor statistics, it has been challenging to meet the quota. My objective is to challenge the statistic and exceed the rate of employment for graduate students by providing the tools, such as leads, workshops, and one on one career consultations to encourage them to be more proactive and enthusiastic about job search strategies. Overall, conduct marketing research to assure what we do is done accurately and productively. Behavior

As a result of our current economy, graduate students are discouraged and often skeptical. Graduate students need to be encouraged to take the extra steps to polish up their soft skills, network , tailor their resume and overall be more proactive. They have invested 56-98 thousand dollars on education in pursue of gainful employment, yet still unemployed. Predicament

Career Services Department is currently being affected by not meeting the quota; it is lacking the marketing strategies. It does not have the ability to paint a picture of success to the bodies that requires it. Career Services hosts over thirteen workshops during the quarter, it is unknown how effective these workshops are. The department is deficient in conducting surveys to identify how effective the workshops are. I feel that if conduct a research identify the students needs and their motivation, this will allow us to share the success, the pride and the opportunity desired in finding the employment for our students.

Conducting the Research
Workshops are widely used to upgrade and renew the skills of our students and it prepares them professionally for today's market. Marketing research will helps us to recognized what works for our students, in other words it will identify our students needs and motivation level. Organizing and conducting a marketing research will enhance the departments' product and services in addition to meeting our quota. To conduct the marketing research it is essential to gather surveys. Evaluating the surveys will helps to recognize the weakness and strength of the workshops. Evaluation is an important component in any business. A well planned and well-conducted evaluation can provide useful information to our department. Research Question

The first step in conducting research is to examine the reasons...
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