Gain and Major Crusades

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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It is known that the Crusades were not useful for the people of Europe. The eight major Crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims from1096 until 1291. The Crusades ended badly for the people of Europe as they did not gain any religious sites by the closure of the Crusades. Europeans would have been better off without the Crusades because they failed to gain control of any religious lands and although European culture gained some benefits these were far outweighed by the negative effects. Despite the negative effects the Crusades had on Europe, there were some positive things that came from the Crusades. The Crusaders brought many new ideas and useful items back to Europe that Europeans had never even seen before. For example, many Crusaders learnt how to read and write, and when they returned home, they shared their knowledge with others. This has obviously had a large impact on later generations including today’s society as most people nowadays have the privilege of being able to read and write. Another contribution that the Crusades made to the people of Europe was the introduction of soap. This new cleanliness would have stopped many diseases; therefore the population growth in Europe would have increased. Ships were sent to the Holy Land to get products to sell to the Europeans, trade routes were also established between Europe and the Holy Land. This scheme would have improved business and convenient products for everyday life. The Crusaders did have some success in securing religious lands in some of the Crusades but eventually these territories were taken back by the Muslims. They kept going to the Holy land, making periodic gains and losses, but after many years of not having an outright victory and a hopelessness to sustain control of Jerusalem they decided it was a lost cause. Their desire to enrich Europe with captured religious lands were not efficacious, therefore the Crusaders failed to achieve the aim of the Crusades. The Crusades were...
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