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tachnological device

Life Changing Technology

Technology constantly updates itself . The various inventions and discoveries of scientists and engineers can be cunning enough to let technology update itself without anyone noticing it . A product can evolve from something so basic to a device that can do wonders . The unimaginable becomes possible , and mere ideas become necessities to our daily lives

I , for one , have been changed by the presence of a mobile phone . If one should try to observe how these gadgets changed faster than genetics , he or she can be really fascinated . Who

would have thought that the little creations conveniently designed to fit our palms came from a line of mutations ? These mobile phones were initially used to make calls , and the messaging systems were designed for the deaf and the mute to communicate with other people . Today , however , they have become super communication devices that can connect with other units by simply touching the screen . The drastic changes in a few years can give one ideas to have mobile phones controlled by voice recognition . Perhaps one day , man can invent a mobile phone that can be manipulated by the mind To simply imagine making calls or sending messages without raising a hand can be really captivating

Mobile phones allowed me to connect to a wide array of people . It is no longer a device but an extension of myself . With such , I am able to greet family and friends from far away with a simple phone call . I don 't have to find a phone booth or to rush home to get to a land line . I don 't have to write lengthy letters as not to waste the mailing expenses . Furthermore , I don 't have to wait long for a reply . Responses can be between minutes , and life stories can be shared immediately with other people . Wherever I am , whenever I remember to greet someone or to remind someone of something , I only have to whip up my phone and make the call

As mentioned , mobile phones are not...
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