Gadget: Speak to Me Phone Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou

Topics: Watch, Mobile phone, Cellular network Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Gadget : Speak to me phone ( STM) designed by Nicolas Nicolaou This new device is an electronic wrist watch and a mobile phone at the same time. It works on the both touch screen and voice recognition technology and the phone may be activated or deactivated via the green or red line given in the device. It also has a built in scrolling function that allows the user to move between various functions that is available on the device. It also has a built in camera which enables the users to click pictures and be able to send the same in real time.

Conceived by Nicolas Nicolaou, the concept cellphone doubles as a digital wrist watch. This phone has a scroll feature which lets you navigate through the interface. The inbuilt camera lets you click photos and share them at the same time. The phone has a touchscreen for navigation and it also recognizes voice commands. The power status of phone can be changed by checking the Red or Green line on the phone. This is the lates gadget in the mobile phone industry, as it simultaneously works as an electronic watch and cell phone. It has a built in scrolling function, built in camera, touch screen and works perfectly after a voice recognition technology. You can easily move between functions on it, take pictures and feel like James Bond on a secret mission. Asides being very functional, you can wear it as a bracelet or watch on your wrist, plus you can easily turn on or off the phone function by simply touching the green or red light depict onto it. The idea of talking to my wrist always fascinated me, not because me wrist talks back to me but because in the movies spyware always seem to revolve around the wrist. This new gadget would allow you to fulfil that fantasy and make you feel as important as a spy. The Speak To Me Bracelet Cell phone oscillates between functioning as a cell phone and a watch. The modular design of the STM cell phone also allows it to be worn like a bracelet around your wrist. The phone has a touch...
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