Topics: Mass, Force, Classical mechanics Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Physics Homework
Pg 109 #20, 27, 37, 41

20. A car traveling at 53 km/h hits a bridge abutment. A passenger in the car moves forward a distance of 65 cm with respect to the road while being brought to rest by an inflated air bag. What magnitude of force assumed constant acts on the passenger’s upper torso which has a mass of 41 kg.

27. A 40 kg girl and an 8.4 kg sled are on the frictionless ice of a frozen lake, 15 m apart but connected by a rope of negligible mass. The girl exerts a horizontal 5.2 N force on the rope. (a) What is the acceleration of the sled? (b) What is the acceleration of the girl?

37. Using a rope that will snap if the tension in it exceeds 387 N, you need to lower a bundle of old roofing material weighing 449 N from a point 6.1 m above the ground. (a) What magnitude of the bundle's acceleration will put the rope on the verge of snapping? (b) At that acceleration, with what speed would the bundle hit the ground?

41. In Fig. 5-45, a block of mass m = 5.00 kg is pulled along a horizontal frictionless floor by a cord that exerts a force of magnitude F = 12 N at an angle θ = 25. (a) What is the magnitude of the block's acceleration? (b) The force magnitude F is slowly increased. What is its value just before the block is lifted (completely) off the floor? (c) What is the magnitude of the block's acceleration just before it is lifted (completely) off the floor?
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