Gabrielle Murdock

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Mrs. Eunice Chin
Vineyard Town Farm and Garden Store
49A Deanery Road, Kingston 3.
Date of Start-Up: September 1991
Vineyard Farm and Garden Store is a one stop value shop located in Vineyard Town. The founder and current manager Mrs. Eunice Chin is the ideal representation of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur by definition is a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on financial risks. Vineyard farm and Garden store has survived for the last 22 years providing various services to the community and to Jamaica at large. As a true entrepreneur Mrs. Chin identified a need that needed to be fulfilled. This need was that the community she had spent most of her childhood in was lacking a hardware. With determination and a goal in sight she ventured on the most feared and risky journey an individual can take; owning his/her business. It was truly a pleasure to interview Mrs. Chin, she had good energy, was very clear and precise with her answers and also very considerate for allowing me to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule. The interviewing process for me was not only a school project but a chance to speak with one of me role models especially since I have hopes of one day owning my own business, meeting the requirements of success. Notes taken from the Interview

As stated earlier there was a lack of hardware supplies and services where Mrs. Chin resided, so initially she established a delivery business where she would source tools, chicken feed, etc and would deliver these to locations for a small cost. This built her name and reputation as community members found her an extremely reliable necessities as she carried out her duties. Though it was a little income she prioritised what she was earning and managed herself adequately to the point where a few years later she was able to open “Vineyard Farm and Garden Store”. After inception she not only wanted a hardware entity but a location customers can come and get as much out of that one...
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