Gabriel Prosser's Slave Conspiracy

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Hanging, Slave rebellion Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Gabriel Prosser’s Slave Conspiracy

In the year 1800 several slaves decided to put up a fight for their rights as American citizens. Gabriel Prosser, a very large, black slave, helped to gather a large sum of fellow slaves and began to plan a revolt, create weapons and ammunitions, and secretly plot their attack. This secret attack remained a secret attack for quite sometime until the governor and a few others caught wind of the slaves’ plans. A few letters had been written in regards of a rebellious act being conjured by slaves. After a few of these letters the governor decided to round up several hundred men, including Manchester’s federal armory, and took a few other measures in an attempt to prevent the slaves plans from following through. Right when the revolt was set to take place a massive storm blew in. This rain should have prevented passageway to the slaves’ destination, but they still managed to cross the broken bridge and meet at their rallying point. Once they reached the other side though, fighting was still out of the question. The slaves then all dispersed. Over the course of the next few days the slaves that participated in this revolt were rounded up. Gabriel himself had attempted to escape with a woman named Mary, but was ratted out by a few Negroes. He was caught and sentenced to death by hanging. They postponed his death date a bit in hopes of getting some more information out of him, but were unable to get much of anything out of him or any other slave. As a matter of fact several men commented on how noble and true to their cause these slaves were. But eventually Gabriel, along with many of the other slaves that had been caught, the exact number undecided, were hanged. A few more were tossed in jail where one was said to have killed himself, and others escaped without any later records of being caught a second time. Though this revolt did not go quite as planned and the governor was hoping all had come to it’s end, it did arouse tensions...
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