Gabion Wall

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Gabion retaining wall is form containers filled with stone. It provides a visual method for retaining earth or controlling soil erosion. As a method for retaining earth, gabion baskets are stacked atop one another to form retaining walls, culvert headwalls or bridge abutments. Erosion control uses involve laying baskets or mattresses side-by-side on the ground to develop channel lining, bank protection, weirs and drop structures. Gabion structures is semi permeable thus is also commonly used in water and drainage management. When the structure encounters flowing water, it absorbs the impact of water forces gradually and directs the force of flow around a weak structure. The main four types of gabion structure are Gravity retaining walls, Semi-gravity retaining walls, Anchored gabion walls and Structures to stabilise embankments.

The selection of stone material are both essential in order to maintain structural stability. Mechanical resistance, resistance to corrosion and flexibility are the elements considered in the design of the baskets. In order to determine the strength and optimised stability of the wall, fill materials are selected based on the following properties. •Stone Specific Gravity: Higher specific gravities give heavier self weight. •Stone Size: It is generally taken as between 1 - 2 times the diameter of the wire cage holes whereas the size of the smaller ones is considered in a rage of 1-1.5D. Smaller stones have better distribution of the imposed loads and allow the structure to adapt to any occurrence of deformation so it is generally preferred. •Durability and Hardness: It determines the strength and overall stability of the wall to prevent any potential safety risk with crushed rock falling through holes in the gabion baskets. •Basket Material: Zinc and galvanised wire are the most prevalent materials for constructing gabion baskets. High quality zinc and double twisted hexagonal mesh are generally used to increase the lifespan of...
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