Fx Leisure Fitness Marketing Plan

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FX Leisure Fitness centre is a large leisure complex in the outskirts of Birmingham. It is a part of an expanding chain of leisure centres in England.
The centre opened 3 years ago but the performance in customer number, centre utilisation and profits has fallen short of projected targets.
A new General Manager has set about addressing the business’s downturn. One of his decisions was to create a new post of Marketing Manager in which I have been appointed.
The centre is ideally situated, well served by road and rail links (M6 and M5 are minutes away, the cross city railway line from Lichfield to Redditch has a station within walking distance.)A Retail Park is more or less next door to the centre there is a large Business Park about a mile away.

Facilities at the centre include a sports hall, two swimming pools (one for learners), two Gymnasia, squash courts, sauna, solarium and lounge bar. The sports hall is marked out for volleyball, badminton, netball, five a side soccer and tennis. There also two all weather pitches for soccer and various other sports. The hours for business are from 7.30am-11.00pm (Monday to Saturday) and from 8.00am- 10.00pm (Sunday).

As the new marketing manager is to provide a report that includes information, suggestions and advice on adopting a Marketing orientation on the centre.Perfoming a Pest Analysis ,Segmenting the Leisure Centre’s market and comment on how the activities of the centre can be affected by buyer behaviour.

What is marketing?

People have their own understanding of the word”Marketing”.The simplest way defined by most would be:”the selling of goods to get a profit”.
To some extent this is true, but it is more complex than that. Many authors of marketing books, Marketing Institutes and Marketers have tried to define it in their own words.
“… the management process which identifies anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably.” (CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MARKETING)

“…consists of individual and organisational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationships in dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of goods, services and ideas.” (Marketing by Dibb, Simkin, Pride, Ferrell, 1997, page 5)

“Social and Managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others.” (Principles of Marketing by P.Kotler, 1996, page6)

From all definitions we see that the key word is customer satisfaction.
What is Market Orientation and how did it come about?

There are different alternative Orientations available for an organisation.
Product orientation:
It holds that the consumer favoured more products that were affordable and highly available; therefore the management focuses on improving the product and efficiency in distribution. It was famously influenced by the Industrial Revolution in the late19th and early 20th century.

Sales Orientation:
It holds that customers will not but enough of the organisation’s products unless it undertakes large scale selling and promotion effort. Emphasis was put on selling and the sales people. It was mostly adopted in the 1920’s-1950’s because of the Great Depression caused by the two World Wars.

Marketing Orientation which we have defined earlier is the other alternative.
According to Narver and Slater Marketing Orientation has 3 components:
Customer Orientation:
The Centre needs to find out what other services the customers require. With this an attempt can be made at satisfying them.
Competitor Orientation:
Awareness of the centres existing competitors (direct and indirect).The centre should be more informed of the business in the Retail Park.
Inter-functional Coordination:
As the centre did not have a marketing team, it should train all its employees at all levels...
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