Fuzzy Math Case Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 21, 2011
Problem Definition
Upon starting a new job as Manager of Planning and Reporting at ConnectCo, an outbound call center in Toronto, Canada, Joe Davis noticed that ConnectCo owed $81,328.57 to their client Symbol for open call center seats. When mentioning this problem to the vice-president Charlie Gallagher, he did not receive clear answers. After several weeks and plenty of fruitless attempts to solve the issue with Gallagher and MacDonald (VP and Relationship Manager), Davis started to realize that there might be a culture of corruption in the company.

There is no ethical code in place at ConnectCo. Gallagher and MacDonald do not seem concerned with the accounting disparities brought up by Davis. Furthermore, when Davis took the issue to the controller of ConnectCo, she told him to let the case “play out.” (Kyei-Poku, 2008, pp. 9) Either the managers at ConnectCo do not fully understand the consequences of breaking the terms of a contract, or are trying to deceive their client. Also, there is a communication problem within the managers at ConnectCo. The departments are not in agreement on how to handle important issues and managers do not know all the details of the contract with Symbol. Finally, ConnectCo and Symbol do not share a clear understanding of the contract’s terms. The contract terms are vague, which allows each party to interpret the terms to their advantage.

Action Plan
When employees perceive the company they work for as transparent and just towards its clients, employees and society alike, they feel it is worthwhile to dedicate themselves to their jobs (Tatum & Eberlin, 2007). From Davis’ perspective, ConnectCo is not living up to these standards. The company must review their ethical values in order to regain their employees’ trust.

Short Term
ConnectCo must include a code of ethics into its strategic plan. In a presentation in 2006, Robert Finocchio, Dean's Executive Professor at Santa Clara University, enumerated...
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