Futuronix Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Topics: Programmable logic controller, SCADA, Automation Pages: 57 (7212 words) Published: December 23, 2012


Practical training taken at

Futuronix Automation Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi.

Summer vacation training

Engineering College Bikaner.

Submitted in practical fulfillment For the award of degree of

Bachelor of Engineering
Electrical engineering.

2009 – 2010

Submitted by:- Submitted to:-

Vishal kumar Sharma. H. O. D

Final year, Electrical. Electrical engg. Department. Scholar no: 07/03/66 Engineering college, Bikaner. En. No: 07E1EBEEM4XT201 (An autonomous institute of govt. of Raj.)

- :Abstract : -

Futronix automation Pvt. Ltd. is a advanced training center of

Industrial Automation, which is placed in the New Delhi. I have completed

my summer training from there. During my practical training I learn the

programming for various type of PLC which are available in market and also

solve many practical daily life problems.

I also learn about the SCADA, which is used to control and

Supervisory of any system, I learn how I make the graphics and how I used

the SCADA in automation.

In my this report I include all the short knowledge of a PLC and

SCADA which I learn during my summer training, and some of examples

are also included in it. I also written the main features and tools of the


(Vishal kumar Sharma.)

- :Acknowledgements: -

It deem it to be my proud privilege to express my gratefulness to

my advisor Miss. Sangita chauhan , the H.O.D of training, futronix

automation , new Delhi, for her guidance, sustained encouragement,

constructive criticism and valuable suggestion before and during my summer


I also thankfull to sir Mr. Mahipat Singh, and Mr. Dhamandra

Singh, which learn me about the automation and for his valuable

suggestions during the training.I owe my profound gratefulness to all staff of

Futronix Automation Pvt. Ltd. for rendering all help during my training.

(Vishal kumar Sharma.)

- : Content of the report : -

Topic Page number.




Abbreviation 7

1. Introduction to automation. 9

2. Benefits of a automatic system. 9

3. Automation effect on manufacturing process. 11

4. Automation possibilities. 12

5. Automation History. 13

6. Manual control system. 14

7. Pneumatic control system 15

8. Hardwired logic control system. 16

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