Future Trends of Tourism and Hospitality

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Future trends of tourism and hospitality
Nowadays, people more than ever travel freely around the world. The international tourist arrivals from 674 million in 2000, reached the 797 in 2005 and the 940 million in 2010. Respectively, the international tourism receipts from 475 billion US dollars in 2000, reached the 679 billion in 2005 and the 918 billion. The tourism and hospitality industry is among the most diverse of all industries in terms of employee population and groups of guests. Hospitality and tourism present a unique opportunity to understand new cultural experiences for both employees and the tourists. It is important for the personnel to understand and appreciate different cultures in order to enhance the nature of their interactions with tourists of different cultures, religions, races, colors, ages, genders and sexual orientations. It is for this reason that businesses plying their trade in this industry must endeavor to train their personnel to appreciate and accommodate people from diverse backgrounds around the world such as Europe and East Asia. For the hotel industry, the increasing competition and expansion of unique services and convenience has forced hoteliers to continuously search for the competitive advantage. Service is at the top of guests’ expectations, yet few companies offer exceptional service. World-class service does not just happen; training is important in delivering the service that guests have come to expect. Hotels are increasing their investments to improve service quality and the perceived value for guests, so as to achieve better customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus resulting in better relationships with each customer. In the past few years there is a certain trend towards developing green lodgings and an increasing number of hotels worldwide apply policies friendly to the environment. This is duet o the fact that green hotels not only do save money for the owners but they save natural resources as well, by enhancing...
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