Future Trends of Crisis Interventions in the Human Services Delivery System

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  • Published : July 4, 2011
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Wilderness Therapy
Luis Salazar
University of Phoenix

Why Wilderness Therapy?
Wilderness Therapy programs use the wilderness as a tool to quickly and effectively impact students/youth at risk. Experiential in nature, emotional growth wilderness programs provide struggling adolescents an opportunity to challenge themselves physically and emotionally while exploring the unhealthy behaviors that have prevented them from making progress in their lives. The wilderness program environment provides a supportive, non-judgmental arena in which students can process their limiting beliefs and core issues, and begin to view themselves and their abilities from a different perspective. There are several compelling reasons for choosing a wilderness program as an intervention. Wilderness therapy provides powerful elements of consequence, containment and motivation that give your child the tools for introspection during and after the experience.  Because wilderness is unrelenting and comprehensive, teens must proactively respond to this fresh, challenging environment. They must consciously make choices knowing that they are completely responsible for the outcomes. The wilderness provides an environment free of negative external stimuli and influences, yet offers a richness of inherent lessons found only in the natural setting. Second Nature provides a structured yet simple lifestyle with feedback and healthy relationships. Because of the abundance of real challenges in the wilderness and its clear metaphor, our program safely mirrors the family and social lifestyle with structure, boundaries, feedback, relationships and challenges. In these surroundings, a client is more capable of examining and changing their internal processes. Therapeutic Realism in a Natural Environment

While your child continues to experience, react, struggle and make meaning, the treatment team and peer group prompt for conscious reflection; this imparts a potent...
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