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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Future trends in advertising ad as a career, advertising opportunities in community networking/ blogging /chat marketing. Jai Bahal Roll:06 SYBMM Advertizing is a dying media industry one noted ad personality said. I asked him why? He said, Advertizing is going to get more and more personal . I didn t get the meaning of that statement that time. Today, advertizing is a multi trillion dollar industry. Why would someone not want to join it? An actor who charges around Rs. 3 crores for a 2 and a ½ hour movie can claim up to 6 crores for a 30 second spot. Puzzling? Not quite. What is happening today is that there is a lot of competition within competition. Lots of ideas have tried to take over the world. Fascism, Religion, Communism. But it all boils down to one truth. CONSUMERISM. And there is nothing better to compliment consumerism than advertizing. Advertizing has evolved over the years. Misleading and coaxification is the motto. Said by Mr. Jaideep Kapoor, Jo dikhta hai who bikta hai is one of the most fundamental rules of Advertizing. It is quite a puzzle as to how the manufacturer typically confuses the consumer to buy the product he doesn t need with the money he doesn t have. Coming back to the evolution, the advertizing that was 50 years ago was only a medium of conveying a message. This means that when Coca-Cola was

advertized, it was advertized as a drink that was refreshing. Today it is advertized with Aamir Khan spreading the message of Coca Cola being an invitation in the recent ad. Itne pyaar se bulaya, matlab, Coke khola he says in the TVC. Talking about future trends, Advertizing is going to evolve further. It is for us to see actually. 12 years ago when the first Nirma ad was launched, it created a flurry of the brand. Sometimes, even today, it is telecast on some channels. The new ad however, is like the same wine in a newer more expensive bottle. It shows an underwater scene with acrobats dancing to the Nirma tune but suddenly shown to...
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