Future Trends and Challenges

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Human resource management Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: August 31, 2010
1. Include a discussion of future trends and challenges in HR management. The future of Human Resources (HR) and work force management is changing. Employers are promoting human resources managers from within the business instead of people with the traditional HR background. Conventional wisdom is HR people must reinvent themselves and transform the way they are conducting business. For instance, many companies have established partnerships in Europe and Asia. They communicate with each other through various technological channels such as video-conference and on-line chat rooms. However, electronic mail has emerged as the heart and soul of corporate communication. This method is faster and easier for people to swap words, information and data. A challenge electronic mail presents is privacy laws governing access to individual mail boxes. In Europe, snooping at employees’ e-mail is not only considered bad form. It is often flat-out illegal. Therefore, US companies may have to reduce their monitoring of e-mail and Internet use. Another area changing the landscape of HR is organized labor. Despite decreasing numbers, labor unions are maintaining a stronghold in many blue collar states. A recent study concluded more than 500,000 workers formed new unions last year (Workforce Management 2009). Yet, union executives must reverse the weakening of memberships and an association drop in the marketplace; recruiting older workers, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) "Terms such as ‘fast-paced,’ ‘high-energy,’ ‘young,’ and ‘vital’ are often signals to older workers that they need not apply." The AARP encourages companies to use terminology that better reflects age diversity such as "experienced workers" and "age-diverse (Workforce Management 2009)." The graying workforce not only works for money but also for intangible benefits such as enjoyment and a sense of purpose. In addition, they focused on "soft benefits" such as adequate time off and...
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