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Finishing school is the beginning of the independent life for millions of school leavers. Many roads are open to them: technical schools, institutes and universities. But it is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2000 existing professions in the world. Some pupils follow the advice of their parents, others can't decide even after leaving school.

Choosing the kind of career to follow is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Before you make this decision you will have to do a lot of thinking about who you are, about the things you like to do and the things you do well. It is an advantage to choose a future career while at school. It gives a goal to work towards and enables to choose a right, suitable course of study. When deciding your future you must be realistic about your interests and abilities. |

There are a lot of magazines for teenagers that often offer questionnaires, quizzes or surveys to help young people to see their interests and abilities more clearly and to make a decision concerning their future occupation. 

Frankly speaking at present I have a very vogue idea about my future career and I am unable to give a detailed account of the activities it will involve.

But I am convinced that for every trade, profession or occupation you have to acquire necessary skills and practical experience. Not all professions require higher education and they are of great demand now and satisfy the needs of society. But I see things a little differently, because it is my firm belief that learning is the greatest of all adventures, and being a highly educated person gives you top priority and a position in society and what is most important - self-satisfaction. And now being not so far from leaving school the career sounds interesting to me if I have a higher education, good working conditions, if I can get steady salary, if it suits my interests, if it is not monotonous and gives me promotion in the future,...
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