Future Outlook

Topics: High school, College, Jonathan Coachman Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 25, 2013
My time in high school has changed the outlook I have on my future. Not only have I had bad experiences, I have also had good experiences. These experiences have all been lessons well learned from. First, I saw my future as easy and fly-by. Now, I see my future as hard and challenging.

As I came into high school my freshman year, I saw myself breezing through it. Being able to graduate with no problems, and having straight A’s. Going to whatever college I wanted and not having to worry about money or meeting new people. While my days and years progressed, I realized that that would not be the case with my future. I did not do my homework or take notes and my grades were dropping. Once I had started to realize my future would surely NOT be as easy as I thought it would be, I started to pick up my slack.

All four years during high school I have participated in at least two sports per year. Doing that has showed me what working with people would be like. I know that there will always be someone I do not get along with, that things will not go my way, and that nothing will come easily. Basketball is my main sport and with the group of girls I played with and the coach that I had, the growth of my maturity could not have come more ferociously. My coach has had the most impact on me as a disciplinarian. You HAD to have good attendance, you HAD to maintain good grades, you HAD to respect any and every adult figure in your life, and you HAD to be a teammate. His strict personality has showed me that my future will come with challenges and complications, that there will be people who are rude, that you do not like, but it is your responsibility and respectfulness that will help you get past it.

High school is probably the most fun, exciting, horrible, and acquiring experience I have had in my life. Going to Washington County Technical High School for my junior and senior year for the Health Occupations program was a great decision I made. My mind has changed many...
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