Future of Smart Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Time, Rotary dial Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 9, 2012
Future of smart phones
Since the first phone was produce in 1985, it has a great change during these years. Now it is not only a tool which we used to sent message or make a phone call with others. The phone is no longer a simple phone, there are more and more different functions can be used on the phone. Nowadays, we can surf the Internet, listen to music, play games and so on in the powerful phone. But this is not end, there are many aspect on the smart phones can be improved. With the advanced of science technology, smart phones will be full PC-like capabilities.[1]“The primary change will occur over the next few years as smart phones start behaving more and more like laptops.” Each smart phones will have fast processors which are the basic of smart phones in the future, then some complete function can be run and not just with the limited features offered such as Photoshop program and faster processors provide a more powerful background to make playing video, running game and multitasking easily. Having faster processors, phone will meet the growing demand for human. We will witness a new world that is beyond imagination. "With the evolution of processing power, the richness is quite astonishing. ” said Nokia's Nystrom. For many kind of tools created such as games, mobile payment, shopping, health, sports and other aspects of life, smart phones become multifunction, so it is conceivable that interesting and powerful tools are going to be big in the future. At the same time, the multimedia on the smart phones also meet a revolution. The function of music play, media play and photograph in the smart phones will be as well as normal MP3, camera and video player. And if you have enough memory and some special tools, you will surprise the effectiveness by smart phones. For example: if you have a projector, you could enjoy everything from YouTube, newscasts, feature-length films and family photos in a large, full-color, high-resolution format. The...
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