Future of Policing

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Future of Policing
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“The only thing constant is change” (Heraclitus). With technology on a continuous rise and the increasing demographic changes in contemporary America, saying that the future of law enforcement is unpredictable is being very modest. Through the use of computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile computing, records management systems and database and information technology police and other law enforcement agencies have become much more efficient. Many other tools have help to protect the safety of officers, Kevlar and the Taser for example. Tools such as closed-circuit televisions, global positioning systems (GPS), fingerprint identification systems and facial recognition software also help a great deal with apprehending offenders. These technological advances are not without their share of problems, most of which stem with infringing on the personal rights of civilians and having agents and officers educated in the use of these new technologies. The future of policing is a double edged sword, with the increase of technology and its uses comes the need to safeguard American rights. It is very easy to take an advantage and run with it, this may be the biggest challenge for policing in the future.

Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) is a method of managing calls from the public. This also increased communication with dispatch and patrol officers. This created more efficiency and safety for officers. Mobile computing has also experienced a growth in the past couple of decades. Through the use of laptops and the internet officers are able to receive a large amount of information in a matter of moments. This helps keep the officer informed on the vehicle’s past as well as any dangers that may be present with suspects. Through the use of license plate readers officers are able to tell if cars are stolen or possibly parked illegally. This enables the officer to screen for stolen cars much more efficiently.

The advent of records...
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