Future of Pakistan's Politics

Topics: Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Future of Pakistan's politics

Future of Pakistan's politics is blurred. Pakistan is in a dire need of democracy but does it seems possible to provide a democratic future to Pakistani people? Will an Islamic democratic government be the future of Pakistan? Even if a democratic party got the chance to rule over Pakistan, how much time it will take to throw it away due to its mismanaged policies, bribary, crossroad games or whatever?

The very crux of the questions is that Pakistan's democratic polititians were exiled from Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. Now they are out of Pakistan but they are not out of the scence. The day they came to know about the upcoming elections in Pakistan, they just started struggle to renter the country in one way or other. They are even ready to enter through legal routes but alas they don't have the courage to face the court cases that are flying in the face of them. They have sown the wind so they should reap the whirlwind.

Charter of Democracy seems very much optimistic and ambitious but its only a hope if it would be practical otherwise ......... ! It may be only a legal document to renter the Pakistan. It may be a fulldressed rehercal to decieve Pakistanis. Pakistani leaders make hi-fi promises before elections and show cupboard love for Pakistan. After the elections if they are elected then they just do what comes on their minds. Well we are just surmising because only God knows better whats hidden behind the charter.

Thats sure that if a person lose his/her image once, then it become quite difficult to attain the same position back. It is not easy to prove oneself before the world. Pakistani people had faith in their polititians since day one. Pakistanis keep on voting for them and they listen to them at all. But what the polititians were gifting us in return? What they did doing for us? They just plundered Pakistan, they sucked the blood of Pakistanis, they played with the ambitions of the Pakistanis, they...
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