Future of Organizational Design Paper

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Future of Organizational Design Paper
Lisa Seymour
Organizational Psychology/PSYCH 570
September 4, 2010
Dr. Linda Whinghter
Future of Organizational Design

As our societies continue to grow and technology continues to expand, our organizational designs must be able to keep up and meet the needs of its employees and consumers. This paper will provide an analysis of an article that talk about the future of organizational design and what it would look like. It will also summarize the content of the article and examine the future of organizational design.

Article Summary

The article, Revolutionizing the Workforce: A Case Study of the Future of Work Program at Capital One, seeks to show and prove how the designs of the workplace are being changed because of the nature of the work and the employee profiles, the influence of technology, and the growing need for an organization to be efficient and flexible. This case study points out one organization in particular and how their Future of Work program focuses on how careful consideration of the different work styles, encouraging HR policies, tailored workplace designs, and the best technology can increase an employee’s job knowledge. The study shows that by implementing all these factors there was a higher level of employee satisfaction, thus enhancing the company’s productivity. The researchers provided a basic model that would help HR professionals to see the impact of the organizational design on the employees’ behavior and the overall productivity of the organization.

Examination of Article

The article does an outstanding job at showing how the Future of Work program has benefited Capital One’s overall organization. It has been stressed throughout the field of organizational psychology that organizational design and culture have a huge impact on employee’s behavior and the success of the organization. This case study shows over time organizational needs have had to change with the times. As we...
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