Future of Modernization

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  • Published : November 17, 2008
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Adopting modern ways and new ideas move people forward by building on foundations of traditions. When traditions are lost, modernization sets in. Modernization is when technology blends with culture and they exist together in a contemporary time period. The main issue with modernization is that it is a continuing cycle of innovations and change that never cease and force the loss of traditions. There are four key concepts which help explain how modernization manifests; first, the decline of small, traditional communities, second, the increase of social diversity, third, the expansion of personal choice and lastly, a growing awareness of time give an overview of changes in the past century (Macionis, 2006). The decline of the small, traditional community involves the weakening of the isolated rural communities through the use of cars, telephones, computers and television. These small communities give a person a sense of belonging along with a strong sense of identity that disappears as modernization becomes the norm. This loss of tradition affects individuals and families that is expressed in long distance relationships employing the use of the modern conveniences. The increase of social diversity discourages actual diversity and forces families and individuals to conform to society and modern ways of thinking. When different cultures, ethnicity, beliefs and behaviors begin to blend together, individual choices are lost and the world’s view which is less traditional gains a foothold. Culture, ethnicities, and beliefs are lost as they are absorbed into society and the original meaning is lost in the translation from one generation to the next. Traditional views believe that lives are shaped by specific forces such as God and are beyond human control. As the traditional belief weakens, people begin to believe that there are options and choices and that he or she control instead of God or fate. This individualization shows that people have open-minds and are willing...
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