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“E-creativity in HR”
“Creativity is a fragrance of real health. When a person is really healthy and whole, creativity comes naturally to him, the urge to create arises.” -OSHO
With the era of strategic management, Organizations of domestic origin as well as global presence fight for the survival amidst the fierce competition. Developments in information technology and communication are breaking the boundaries and converging the markets into one. Currently when the entire world is facing economic crisis, creativity and innovation are the only survival keys.

Why paradigm shifts to creativity management?
• Today, employees are termed as knowledge workers with an increased level of education and awareness, with high expectations. • With tremendous potentials and capabilities these knowledge workers are highly mobile and dynamic in nature. • With newer technology adoption and competency based approach towards managing people leads to creative thinking on the part of mangers. • It is proved that creativity management initiatives lead to simplification of work processes and higher efficiency. • Managers are ready to give freedom and autonomy to nurture creativity amongst workforce. • The end results of encouraging creativity in management are twofold i.e. committed and motivated workforce and organizational effectiveness.

Creativity and HRM
Creativity in Human Resource Management practices is the need of an hour with dynamic and strategic business units. The role of strategic human resource management is well acknowledged as strategic partner by top management makes it a crucial function. Strategic HR managers have greater say in strategic planning and strategy formulation based on their creative thinking to align HR strategies with business strategies.

Creative Strategic Human Resource Management (CSHRM)
CSHRM is the new approach to understand Strategic Human Resource Management with importance of creativity in HR manager’s decisions and actions.

Functions of CSHRM:
• Strategic human resource planning requires HR manager to think creatively to forecast and suggest proper course of action by formulating the strategic intent of the business concern • Strategy formulation is essentially the outcome of innovative analytical practices to identify the strengths and weaknesses of organization to finalize the suitable strategy to take advantage of business opportunities and to counter the threats posed to the concern. HR Managers can use the creative tools to evaluate the environment such as SWOT analysis or PEST analysis. • Strategic human resource plan devised leads to formulating the systems, procedures and programs to achieve the objectives.

Integrating Human Resource Management with Information Technology-“e-HR” New generation business houses have adopted an e-business model, which integrates the use of electronic media in all possible processes and functions of a concern. The task of integration of various HR functions and coordinating with other functions has become easier with electronic connectivity through Internet and telecommunication medium. Human Resource Management is providing a strategic support to other management functions and has become increasingly responsible to cultivate the requisite culture of synergy and efficiency. HR leaders are the builders of organizational social system. All traditional HR functions such as manpower planning, staffing, training, development, performance, evaluation, compensation management, health, safety, and so forth are strategically focused and are information oriented. In the era of information age the need is felt to access data anytime anywhere. Using variety of web-based technologies and Internet solutions, managers have easy access to real time information at their disposal e-HR has made the life of HR manager easier and efficient as the burden of routine functions such as payroll, attendance and leaves monitoring are removed by...
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