Future of Electronic Communication

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BUSA 2105

Future of Electronic Communication

March 24, 2011

BUSA 2105, Future of Electronic Communication, March 24, 2011

Paczkowski, B., May 2010, Managing Electronic Communication Among Distributed Workers, http://www.thefutureofwork.net/newsletter_0510_Feature.html

As we advance in technology as a society, we must be ready for the good and the bad of the changing times. This is now even more important do to the fact that many companies are now starting to outsource production more than ever before. Many experts say that this may have something to do with low production cost that other countries have to pay. With these changes we are now communicating with people from different countries, backgrounds and upbringings. When we talk about the different modes of communication in the business sector many different options come to mind such as email, texting, and instant messaging, and now even different apps that may be available for download to your mobile device. With these different advances in technology it has allowed for many businesses to be able to work more efficiently and even save millions of dollars for their firm.

In a recent article that was published in “The Future of Work…Unlimited” web blog the author Bill "Patch" Paczkowski mentioned a few good examples of the avenue that we are moving toward, in respect to the electronic communication that different businesses conduct from day-to-day. Mr. Paczkowski goes on the mention how important it has been for many years for there to be good communication between a company and firm. He then went on to state how these modes of communication that were once used, have since long been gone and has been replaced by modern day technology. In the article entitled “Managing Electronic Communication Among Distributed Workers” Mr. Paczkowski speaks about how we have gotten accustom to traditional mode of communication that we have now ,such as email,...
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