Future of Airport Management

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The Future of Airport Management
The civil aviation system that exists in this century was virtually unimaginable 100 years ago, around the time the Wright Brothers made flight using powered, fixed-wing aircraft . With this in mind, let us consider the next 100 years .Surely there will be changes in the industry that will render the current civil aviation system obsolete. Airports in the distant future may be completely unrecognizable to their present-day counterparts, and the management of such future facilities may certainly be entirely different from the policies of today. Although it is impossible to predict precisely what the future of airport management will entail over the next 100 years, it can be said with reasonable certainty that airports and airport management will evolve with changes in technologies, business policies, and governmental regulations. Airport management will further develop in order to address future operational issues, ranging from capacity and delay to safety and security, much the way they have matured over the industry's first 100 years. New large aircraft

Throughout the history of aviation, aircraft manufacturers have provided air carriers with aircraft of ever-increasing size, payload capabilities, and range. The latest such effort is the A-380, being produced by Airbus Industrie. This "superjumbo" aircraft has specifications in length, wingspan, weight, and passenger- and cargo-carrying capabilities significantly greater than that of the next-largest aircraft in common existence, the Boeing 747. Because of its sheer size, accommodating the A-380 may be a challenge to the airports the aircraft is intended to serve. The A-380, which entered the civil aviation fleet in 2006, is currently intended to serve transcontinental markets (Fig. 13-1). As such, airports may be asked to accommodate the aircraft are the largest commercial service airports serving international air travel using the current fleet of wide-body...
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