Future Job

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My Future Job

Since I become a teenager, I have thinking a lot about my own future job and setting goal for it. It’s very necessary and important for me now to decide what I want to become. In the past, I use to want to be an engineer because I’m good at drawing and build stuff but my thought changed through time; I end up all of my choices as a manager who manages the whole system in the service hotel.

I have planned that I will finish my life in high school, finish IGCSE and IB with a high score. After that, I will move to a good school in USA to learn about business and the economy in my country. During my life in university I properly will apply to work for some small store and hotel to have the feeling of how things work in the “real life”.

Firstly, the reason I like to be a hotel manager is I find it interest to use technique to persuade more people to stay at the hotel. Secondly, I saw that the tertiary in business is the fastest growing in sectors of industry beside the primary and the secondary, so I can make a lot of money. Thirdly, it’s the range of community; it has a very high range to meet different people with different nationality. Fourthly, I want to have more confidence and become a good leader with skill, for example: I still can’t control and persuade people to listen to me some time when I’m in charge of P.E’s lesson.

The second reason why I strongly choose to be a hotel manager it’s because of my pressure from my family; they are 2 generation of success 3 stars hotels’ manager. They like me to become one of them in the future very much that they suggest a lot of great idea of what I’m going to do when I become a manager. Luckily, I like their ideas too and also know the structure of the hotel.

Last but not least, in more details, manage a hotel means I have to apply more services for my dear quest; know and motivate people who work for me so they always in a good mood to work for my hotel. More hotels are equal to more...
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