Future Implications of Advances in Medical Technology: from the Sociological

Topics: Human, Cloning, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Future Implications of Advances in Medical Technology: From the Sociological Perspective.
The past decade has shown remarkable advances in medical science and research. Modern medical science has made a lot of breakthroughs in several fields. These novelties have led to better prognosis and treatment of diseases. One other area where modern medicine has made tremendous progress is in genetic engineering. The human person as a living organism has also been impacted fundamentally by the science of genetic engineering. Areas where this has been most evident include: organ transplant, in-vitro fertilization, postmenopausal motherhood, stem cell research, frozen embryos and cloning. Some of these developments as daring as they are, have very profound implications for both the dignity of the human person and the future of his/her community. All these progresses in modern medicine had brought about daily ethical, moral, technical questions and the social consequences of the practice of these sorts of medicine are likely to be profound. It is important to highlight the fact that advancement in medical technology has saved many lives, especially in the area of organ transplantation. This procedure which was a challenge in the past is currently a relatively safe and routine procedure saving thousands of lives each year. Modern scientific advancement has so much to offer, but they must be guided by ethical principles which respect the inherent dignity of every human being; science without the compass of ethical restraints is taking the world on a path towards dehumanization in the name of progress (O-Molly). Human cloning is a potential time bomb that will destroy humans and what mankind stands for. Future implications of cloning can be looked at as a double edged sword. Cloning body parts can become a life saver, it can serve as a reserve in cases of organ failure and lack of potential donors. Cloning may further help in infertility and also make it possible to...
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