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Topics: Human resources, Management, Strategic management Pages: 6 (1617 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Human resource management is a strategic management of employees which contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives of the organization or a company. Aiming the organization to achieve its strategic goals by attracting , retaining and developing employees, human resource management act as a link between the organization and the employees. Organization or company should first aware of the needs of its employees and at the later stage understand and evaluate all the needs in order to make its employees perceive their job as part of their life. Human resource management is very important function in an organization or company because its assists the organization to create loyal employees that willing to offers their best performance to the organization.

Human resource management goals are vary depending on what each business need. But there are a few goals that widely used in most of human resource management. Some of the objectives are meeting the needs, values and dignity of employees within the organization. The goals created and manage by the human resource department must be set up and adjusted ass needed to be beneficial to both organization and employee. Human resource management also must have objectives that relate to the community and country on a socio economic level such as lowering the level of unemployment rates.

Employees are the main focus of the objective of human resource management that are implemented. Without including the employees in the comprehensive plan, a business cannot gain success. Employers and employees must be given standards and goals to accomplish as a team.

For the community and country objectives of human resource management, their contribution helps in the interaction between the organization with the community and country. The needs of community, such as employment, can be influenced by an organization that utilizes the right human resource management objectives. On the country side level, the objectives of human resource management can contribute to the overall objectives of a country. For example, reduce the unemployment issues, increase of work skills among the people and much more by creating employment opportunities.

As a conclusion, human resource management objectives involve in creating a workplace that benefits the employers and employees. Human resource management involves in hiring, benefits and payroll by helping a business meets its general goals and a favorable environment is created.

Human resource management are responsible for recruiting new employees, putting together benefits packages, conduct training, develop training and much more that related company objectives and goals. In modern characteristic of human resource management, creating a positive workplace for employees are their primary objective. By creating a positives workplace, employees are encouraged to perform at their best and dedicated themselves to their work. For example, the human resource department in some organization encourage their employees to develop professionally and help them to meet their goals. They have policies that enable all the workers to make suggestion on how they think operation can be improved. They develop a platform for employees to express their thought and ideas.

Modern human resource management are responsible for motivating employees to perform their best. Human resource management in some organization might conduct a training, giving out motivational information to the employees to help them understand the importance of their role.

The function of human resource management oversees the identification of manpower requirement in an organization. Another function is to manage the recruitment of manpower the training of personal...
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