Future Health Care

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Human genome Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Future Healthcare
The human genome project is a project that focuses on the genetic material or genome of humans and is inspecting different aspects. The human genome is a total map of human DNA. The genome is made to contain a series of chromosomes and appearances of the human body and biological features. When looking at the genome, the diseases, infections and other issues need to be discovered. Therefore, treatments and new procedures that can be discovered for top notch success. The alters in the DNA series can form genetic disorders. Finding the genes that cause diseases is crucial. If they are discovered then there can be experiments to help prevent them from hurting the person. The procedures can involve removing the gene or maybe altering the gene to make it not infectious or dangerous. Some of the genetic disorders are Down syndrome, sickle cell disease, and cystic fibrosis. There are many situations like cancer that deal with genetic issues. Cancer is caused by genetic problems. The cell does not go through the correct cell cycle. Therefore, creating the cancerous cells. The discoveries of all of the disorders can help with finding solutions to help prevent diseases from hurting the human body (www.curisosity.discovery.com).

When having knowledge about genetic issues is known then diseases and cancers can be prevented. In the future, I believe that the human genome project will be a reality. Funding is a huge factor to why the project has not been created completely. The information needs to be gathered to prevent illnesses from being created. DNA mutations cause a lot of issues for human life. People can survive with genetic mutations. However, the mutations can cause issues with the quality of life. Ethical issues will probably always be the key issue when dealing with this specific project. The reason I feel ethical standpoints are so important to be understood in this situation is because of the embryos being considered human...
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