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Topics: Marketing, Goal, Term Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Please describe your future goals, and the way you believe that the specific program / specialization will help you achieve them. After my graduation from the IMBA, I would love to pursue a career either in the marketing department of a multinational company oriented to consumer goods or in a marketing consultancy company. I would like to work as a Senior Brand and PR Manager and be responsible for the developing of marketing plans, the communication of new products, Customer Management, the managing of promotional activities and campaigns and the monitoring of budget fulfillments. Working in such a position will provide me with the necessary knowledge and insight of all the aspects of the marketing world and will enable me to use the skills that I will have developed throughout the MBA studies. Given my intention to work in such a company and my determination to pursue my long-term goals, I believe that these are indispensable for me. I think that in order to attain my long- term goals, I must acquire special knowledge and this is possible only by working in this sector. As for my long term goal, my ultimate inspiration is to establish my own business venture in marketing consultancy. Having acquiring a broader view of the marketing function by attaining my short term goals, I will have the specialized knowledge and the necessary experience to establish my own business which will function as an outsourcing company. Its main responsibilities will be to offer to its clients a wide array of integrated marketing services, such as on- line marketing, advertising and public relations. By analyzing the current placement, the objectives, the target audience and the future goals of each client, my business will be able to prepare a marketing strategy tailored to the client’ s needs in order to increase its brand, market share, website's traffic, qualified leads and sales. By achieving all the goals described above, I need an additional theoretical background both for...
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