Future Goals

Topics: High school, Grade, Adolescence Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Everyone has future goals from a very young age and we all wish to fulfill them successfully. My specific future goals are unique and skillful. I know there are requirements that have to be met and sacrifices that will have to be made in order to achieve them. My future goals are successfully completing school, to be recognized for my accomplishments, and to wisely invest my hard work. These future goals keep me focused and motivated helping me make wise choices throughout my life.

The first completion I must achieve is completing high school. However I don’t plan to just finish high school on a good term but on a great term, I want to earn an impressive Grade Point Average by spending extra time studying important subjects that will expand my knowledge. As a result of my GPA I will be accepted into a prestigious college and pursue a career in the field I have always had passion for, Psychology. With this purpose in mind, I will flourish in the field and obtain a PhD in Psychology specializing with adolescences. As a result I hope to be an example to the community and prove that with determination and preparation anything is possible.

In the second place, in order to be recognized for my accomplishments, I would use all the knowledge gained in my career to write a detailed book on different situations that are presented to teenagers. Not only will my book be published for the kids but for their parents to also be familiar on how to cope with different situations. In addition I would also volunteer in different high schools throughout the country and give speeches to adolescences in troubled neighborhoods. My speeches would share my experiences and my long journey to success. My intention would be to guide the teenagers to brighter futures and give them the confidence they need to believe they could reach the stars if they wanted to.

Finally, feeling completely independent and fulfilled I would make Wise...
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