Future Goal

Topics: SAT, Norm-referenced test, Swimming pool Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Everybody has his or her future goals. For me, my future goals are getting a high score on the SAT test, preparing for go to the college and visiting my relatives in the US. Then I will go back to my country and hang out with my friends. First of all, I need to get a high score on the SAT test because I want to go to a good college with a scholarship. In order to do this, I have to learn many things about the grammar, writing, reading and vocabulary as much as possible because I don’t have a lot of time just focus on that. I just have about one and a half more year to study for the SAT test. This test will never be easy, it is a challenge for students who want to receive a good education. If I have a good education, it is easier for me to find a good job in the future. Second of all, I want to visit my relatives, my friends in the US after I get the SAT scores. I have a lot of relatives in the US, most of them live at California. That is a nice place to travel and to relax. I will tell them about my life, my school and my friends in Florida. That will be an interesting story. I will also tell them about what I want to do in my life when I graduate college. Lastly, I will come back to my country to visit my friends and my family because I really miss them. I also go to travel some beautiful places at my country with my parents. Then I will go to my old school and hang out with my friends. During the time visiting my country, I will take time to review my French and go to the swimming pool every evening. In conclusion, I want to realize these future goals for next two years. When I think about it, I am really happy. I will try my best because I just live once and I don’t want to be regret.
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