Future Essay- Business Communications

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Dylan Lloyd
Business Communications
Future Essay
The future is full of amazing new things, things that we couldn’t believe would be real. There are so many new inventions and advancements that we have no idea about. There have been crazy inventions that started in the 80s and 90s that are just being released. With technology advancing the way it is things that come out in the next ten years are going to be beyond what movies have shown for the future. What fascinates me is the future of electronics, it is a confusing subject when you get down to how they all work but it is truly amazing how we develop these items. Electronics advancing is nothing out of the ordinary or is it? We always see new cell phones and ipods coming out annually. To the average person that is no surprise. What about a cell phone that literally does more than all of your mobile devices combined, that sounds pretty amazing to me. Not to mention that they are developing these phones that are transparent, flexible, self-cleaning, and even shape shifting. Now that is a phone I want to get my hands on. That seems like a phone that could simply make my mobile life easier. This is something that will help many people out with their mobile lives, to do everything with one small phone is incredibly convenient.  Well even though a cell phone like I described above is amazing that merely doesn’t compare to such other electronics being created and worked on day after day. Since 2001 they have been creating an electronic bed sheet called the light sleeper. Ever since the beginning of time light has had control of our body clock. We go to sleep and wake up because of light and dark. So because of random experiences we go through in our lives, all the travel, and the demands on our times. Supposedly scientists say that almost all of our body clocks have been thrown off a little bit. These sheets are illuminated personalized alarms that can allow people to sleep good and wake up in a very...
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