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A gas car has a fuel tank that supplies gasoline engine, making the transmission, which turns the wheels. The hybrid is a compromise, efforts to significantly increase the mileage and produce fewer emissions of the car to be useful for you or me; a hybrid should be able to quickly deliver approximately 300 miles or more between refueling. The fuel tank of a hybrid is very sophisticated. Advanced electronics allow it to act as a motor and a generator. Can extract energy from the batteries to accelerate the car, but acting as a generator, can slow the car and back to battery power. Take 1000 pounds of batteries to equal one gallon of gasoline energy. And this combination can substantially reduce fuel consumption. I am sure that things only improve in the future for hybrid cars, which are slow in coming and will not be for everyone. The cost of hybrids is not so much as one might think, although some are quite expensive depending on the options and additions, like any new car.

Car is one of the modern technologies through 21 century.
In the century of 21st technologies become the most important and that’s what makes it so challenging. One of the newest technologies in this century is the car’s technology. In this century we can see technologies are involved in everything in our life to make our life easier and better. Car manufacturing and industry try to do the best to get the customers satisfaction and loyalty. So they use the technology to ensure that (safety, luxury, strengths, Stability, Balance … etc.) are available in the car.

What we are looking forward in future car is divided into:
A. Low price and operation cost
B. Preservation the environment
C. margin of safety
D. Dealing with another modern technology

Low price and operation cost
Car’s producers are seeking to reduce the value car in Commensurate with the consumers afford, through find a new cheap and strong raw materials.

How far the future car...
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