Furniture Market Analysis

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah Pages: 8 (2496 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Market Characteristics
Nowadays, the UAE is having a great boom in construction which imports furniture and interior decoration products up to 8 billion US dollar per year. It is the second largest market of furniture and interior decoration in Gulf countries. Although the handcrafted furniture produced by Europe is popular in UAE, the mass-production and affordable furniture not only adapt to large-scale construction but also to the needs of different consumer. So, the market share of Chinese furniture increased year after year.

There are many factors to promote the continuing growth of furniture industry in UAE. Firstly, the growing population makes a growing demand for furniture; Secondly, the large-scale estate projects and some residence and entertainment projects promote the demand for furniture. Thirdly, Ajman, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah and other places allow foreigners to own estate projects and other tourism projects, which make the furniture industry unprecedented prosperity. In addition, as the living standard of UAE improving continuously, the interior decoration and the furniture decoration are received more and more attention. 推动阿联酋家具业持续增长的因素有很多。首先,该地区人口不断增长使得对家具的需求不断上升;其次,大型的地产项目及一些住宅娱乐项目促进了对家具的需求;第三,阿治曼,沙迦及哈伊马角等地允许外籍人拥有地产项目及其它不同的旅游项目使阿联酋家具业空前繁荣。另外,随着阿联酋人们生活水平的不断提高,室内摆设和家具装潢越来越受到重视。 1. Market distribution

The furniture markets of The United Arab Emirates are mainly distributed in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The total number of retailers in excess of 500, most of which are located in Sharjah Road of Dubai and Alwahdah Road of Sharjah. 阿联酋家具市场主要分布在迪拜、沙迦、阿布扎比和阿基曼酋长国,共500多个家具零售店,大部分位于迪拜Karama区的沙迦路(Sharjah Road)以及沙迦(Sharjah)的AlWahdah街。 2. Furniture style

The imitation ancient European-style furniture is the mainstream in the local market, and the modern American-style furniture is also very popular. But the household items are in the typical Middle East style.

In The United Arab Emirates, over 60% housing have 3 bedrooms at least, therefore, furniture is in a great demand. And because of the great number of family members, the modular sofas with 1-3 seats and the extra-large beds which meet its bedclothing standard are in a high demand. In addition, the weather of United Arab Emirates is very hot, so the sofa with cloth art is also very popular with most people there. 当地家具市场以古典欧式为主流,现代欧美家具也广受欢迎,家居用品则带有浓厚的中东文化色彩。在阿联酋,超过六成的住房最少有3个卧室,因此当地对家具的需求向来相当稳定。阿联酋天气炎热,布艺沙发比较受当地人欢迎。另外,由于当地家庭的成员人数较多,因此对组合的l-3座沙发,以及符合当地寝具标准的大睡床需求较大。 3. Terminal consumer

There are two kinds of terminal consumer in The United Arab Emirates: general consumer and group consumer.

General consumer contains natives and foreigners which differ in consuming ability and consuming habit. The high-standard income and welfare of natives result in the powerful consuming ability. They purchase furniture with a standard of top grade, luxury, and comfort, and price is the secondary cause. Most old people like large-size furniture which are inlaid with gold and sliver and decorated by many ornaments. In contrast, the young people influenced by the western culture prefer modern-designed furniture that can be used in the small meeting place. 阿联酋的终端用户可分为两类:普通消费者和集团消费者。普通消费者包括阿联酋国民和外国人,其消费能力和消费习惯均有明显差异。阿国民约占总人口20%,福利待遇好,收入高,消费能力很强。他们购买家具的标准是高档、豪华、舒适,价格是次要因素。年长者多喜欢宽大、镶金镀银、有众多装饰物品的家具;年轻人则受西方文化影响,喜欢设计新潮、适合在小型聚会场合使用的家具。 The consumer of foreign nationality can be divided into the high-income bracket and the low-income bracket. Most high-income persons are upper-level managers with European or American nationality. They are fond of European- or American-style, and lay emphasis on quality and price. But entire demand of this bracket is low because it takes up fewer of the total population. And the low-income bracket consists of people come from other Asian countries included surrounding Arab countries, most of who are general service people and labor. For this consumer group, price is in the first place, they tend to purchase low-end furniture produced...
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