Fur Trade Solution

Topics: Tibet, Animal welfare, Yak Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Rhian Pritchard
Mrs. Moran
CAIII Hour 7
Making a Difference
The business of fur trade and the harsh practices of this business have been global issues for many decades. They have ruthless ways of killing animals like mink, foxes, and especially wild yak. It is estimated that the population of the wild yak in Qinghai, China has dropped from one 1 million to 75,000 in the past decade (Fang 38-39). This problem has been going on for too long and despite the laws and restrictions that most governments have set, still poachers hunt and kill animals illegally. There are many possible solutions to this problem that would help, but the most effective way would be to get donations and funding for non-profit organizations that can help make a difference. Funding organizations like the Friends of Nature and The Wild Yak Brigade is the best solution because the government has already tried to make changes and the laws are not being enforced. Another reason is because the organizations would use the money effectively and there would be no need for a law. The last reason this solution would be better is that these organizations are trying to stop the fur trade by cutting off the demand. Many other countries around the world have the same problem of fur trade. Some of them have passed laws and restrictions to stop this, but they have not been very effective. The Coalition to Abolish Fur Trade is trying to help stop this problem in an effort to hold elections for animal rights, but even that has not had much effect (Stallwood 22-27). In Qinghai, China the population of Wild Yaks is drastically going down and even thought their police for has tried to stop this from happening their efforts still have not made a difference (Fang 38-39). In Tibet, their government launched Operation No.1 which is a $60,000 campaign for anti poaching. On the highway of the Tibetan capital the government set up a tent and asked if they had any illegal weapons or skins. This campaign...
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