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Evaluate whether it's worth it to lie to your teacher. If you are already at school and simply forgot to do it, then you're probably out of luck here. But if you are at home the night before and just don't want to do your homework, think about your options. Teachers are generally forgiving of those students who forget their homework on rare occasions; they get mad at those ones who repeatedly forget. So, before you decide not to do your homework and to come up with an excuse instead, ask yourself whether it's worth it to waste your teacher's patience on this assignment. After all, there may come a time where you really need to use an excuse. Don't just take the easy way out now if it will cost you later. But once you have decided that you need an excuse... 2

Spend time thinking about possible explanations that sound believable. In other words, these will need to be things which could realistically and likely occur with anyone (regardless of whether or not they are actually true) that the teacher, who gave you the assignment, is not likely to easily dismiss away in their mind as nonsense. A good way to start might be to ask yourself what kind of excuse would personally sound believable to you, or alternatively ask a trusted person you know for ideas. Some examples of what might work include:

The good old "My dog ate my homework" excuse. If you don't have a dog, this one certainly won't work, but keep in mind that you can use a friend's dog, especially if you had a friend with her pet come over the last couple days. Better yet, take a piece of scratch paper or notebook paper, and tear it up into a few sizes of chunks ranging small to large. If you really want to trick them out, go to a joke store and buy a package of fake dog drool, only fifteen cents cost worthy. Rub the drool over the pieces of paper, leaving it a little wet but not too soaked. If you don't want to buy the fake drool just use water. Tell your teacher that you had an emergency...
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