Funny Icebreaker Game

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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 Ah Um Game - This game is designed to help people kick the “ah, um” habit and learn to avoid these words in natural conversation and presentations.

- Alphabet Back Game - Trace the letter on your partner's back and have them guess the secret letter! - Battle of the Sexes - Test each teams' knowledge of the opposite gender- sports, fashion and more! - Cake Walk - Famous game to play at festivals and carnivals, especially for kids. Easy to learn! 

- Chair Basketball - Toss the balls in the basket, while sitting in chairs!

- Charades - Guess the secret word/phrase using only actions! - Company Slogan and Tagline Game - Test your corporate slogan & tagline knowledge now!

- Duck Duck Goose - Great classic circle game for kindgarten and first graders.

- Fruit Salad - Good icebreaker game, especially for kids. Easy to learn and play, with little preparation. - Halloween Charades - Show off your acting skills, Halloween-styled! Easy word list provided, ready to print. - Halloween Pictionary - Guess the secret word or phrase using only your teammate's drawing, Halloween-styled! - Halloween Telephone Charades - Funny icebreaker game, especially for larger groups. Easy to learn and play, with little preparation.

- Huckleberry - Find the hidden item as fast as possible!
- Jeopardy Powerpoint Template - A free Jeopardy Powerpoint Template, ready to download and edit.

- Logo Game - The ultimate logo quiz- Test your logo knowledge now! - Pumpkin Carving Contest - Use your design skills and create the best looking pumpkin! 

- Seagulls and Crows - Great active game for kids- Try to tag as many people on the other team- or be tagged.

- Slap Jack - Great card game- slap the jacks and any called cards. - Speed Scrabble - Use Scrabble tiles to create a crossword as quickly as possible! Fun, fast word game for a small group of people.

- Spoons - Get four of a kind and grab a spoon! Fast-paced card game that everyone can play.

- Sticks and...
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