Funniest Experience Ever

Topics: English-language films, Kinematics, Quantum mechanics Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Joe Rachid 14/1/2011 Grade 9 (L) English Essay

What Comes After the Three Dots…

The wind raged towards my hair, wooshing it back and forth as it tickled my ears. The sun’s rays kissed my black shades, making my eyes burn with jealousy. The waves were bleeding white blood as the speed boat kept accelerating. The day seemed nice at first, but it then turned to a hilarious tragedy between two lovers. Nothing can separate them both, no matter what. I don’t think that this experience will encounter anybody’s fate, but I was surprised that it encoutered mine.

It was in the meridian of summer, where the sun was shining brighter than gold and the orchids where blossoming to the waterfall’s melody. The sound of children’s bare feet sizzeling on the barren and hot sand gave me an indication that this day could be the hottest day of summer. I got a call from my friends, telling me to go with them to the beach, where we would rent a speed boat and ride on the waves. In a few hours, we reached the beach and hopped on one of the speed boats. I picked to be the first one to drive, so I accelerated, causing the boat to fly of the water. For my bad luck, I put my backpack on the far end of the speed boat and my phone, right next to it. With all my supermacy I accelerated causing my phone to slip into the water. My friend notified me immediatley so I circled around the position where my phone dropped and I saw it slowly fading away in the deep ocean. I jumped in to grab it but it was too late for me. I was waving good bye to it, as if we were lovers who were never going to see each other again. I told my friends to return me back to...
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