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o Cultural and Social Origins
Rhythm, blues, soul and RnB provided the foundation on which funk was born. African-American adaptation of soul music
Funk evolved from soul and RnB music.

o Sonic Characteristics

o Production Techniques
Funk music is usually based upon a single chord rather than chord progressions as in RnB and soul. It has complicated arangements of instruments with a focus on a strong and punchy lyrics and musical compositions.

o Musical elements
The focus of funk music is and always has been on a distinctive grooves, syncopated rhythms and melodic basslines. Instrumentation typically consists of electric guitar, electric bass, drums, electric organ and a small horn section (saxophone, trumpets and trombones). The focus in Funk on the groove of a song

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Whats that sound
What is Funk Ricky Vincent
Funk: The Music, The People, The Rythm of The One - Rickey Vincent 1996
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